Yoga, Cannabis and the Daily Wellness Routine

Research suggests several factors could make cannabis an exceptional complement to any yoga routine. If your yoga practice is held back by achy joints or inescapable stress - consider cannabis with your asanas!

Yoga is supposed to provide ample space for both mind and body to stretch, breath, and unwind. While some of us swiftly strike a pose seconds after hanging up the phone - others struggle to expand our inner peace because we can’t shift out of ‘productive’ mode. This can make it difficult to fit yoga into a daily wellness routine: who can get their body to meditate on the present if their brain is busy obsessing about the decisions of the past and future?As it turns out, cannabis can give the brain a break from daily stress: a recent study published in the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence “found 7.5mg of THC reduced stress.” This study sheds light on how cannabis can grant us a glimpse of temporary serenity. With a deep breath of cannabinoids, a few yoga poses might actually fit into a 15 minute period and finally be enough to get our brain back to its center of balance.However, this isn’t to say that any amount of cannabis will do the trick. As a matter of fact, that same study went on to demonstrate the importance of a proper dose: While those seven and a half milligrams offered salvation from stress, a larger dose of 12.5mg of THC actually “increased anxiety” in the test subjects. This points to the importance of strain selection and product potency. Just because one type of cannabis is OK for your yoga teacher doesn’t mean it’s the best strain for you!For example, Viper Cookies by Madrone is a very popular strain throughout California because of its ultra-high THC content (we’ve tested batches at over 30% THC!). Due to this incredibly high level of THC, this strain might not be right for someone with little to no experience with cannabis or THC. Ain contrast, our ’78 LA Affie OG has a more diverse cannabinoid profile with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). Not only does this other cannabinoid smooth out the psychological potency of THC, CBD also demonstrated anti-stress activity in clinical studies!One more little tid bit to think about is the fact that cannabinoids have also demonstrated an ability to alleviate joint pain, which can make it easier to enjoy and stick to a daily yoga routine. While most research is anecdotal to date, a survey study in the Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology Journal reviewed all available literature and confirmed that “…the use of cannabis should be taken seriously as a potential treatment of joint pain.” Combining all of this research together makes for a great case for including both yoga and cannabis in a daily wellness routine.

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