Rooted in Mendocino

Madrone's mission has always been to connect people through heart & highgrade.

This season, our new labels offer a more direct connection back to the farmers and families who cultivated every flower. Thank you for celebrating the craft cannabis culture of California.

Our sustainable farming methods encourage care for the soil, the groundwater, and the natural habitat.  We emphasize producing cannabis that showcases distinctive varietal flavors and highlights the terroir of our unique region.


Sunpire Farms is a 2nd generation family farm on a hilltop overlooking the Eel River Valley near Dos Rios. We strive to bring the heritage craft and art of Mendocino Cannabis to the people of California


Peak Organics cultivates a diverse range of legendary and exotic strains. This multigenerational family farm crafts everything from seed starts to allow the unique complexities of each plant to shine. Grown with sun, soil & soul.


Flying Tiger Farm believes in mixing business with pleasure. We love what we do, and that drives us to produce some of the finest cannabis in the world. Our company was founded with a rebellious spirit and a mission to bring you better cannabis.


Regenerative cannabis and vegetable farm in Redwood Valley California. Sun grown in native soil on the banks of the Russian River. Mendocino County CA. #sunandearthcertified

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CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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